In podcast episode….

You’ll hear an interview with Dwayne Edgar, the co-founder of the Inner City running club in Dublin, who shares his journey from humble beginnings to setting up the biggest running club in Dublin.

You’ll be inspired by the stories of transformation from some of the club’s members, including Cobey, who defies all odds and participates in marathons with the community’s support.

Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek into the club’s future ambitions and goals.

This conversation will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated to join the running club community!

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Episode Summary

In today’s episode I speak to Dwayne Edgar…….

An FAI qualified football coach, qualified fitness instructor & Lifeguard who takes us on the journey of setting up with his friend and partner Karl Taafe the hugely popular and ever growing Inner City running club in Dublin.

Dwayne bring’s us through his humble origins in Dublin’s North Inner City, what life was like for him in school being spoken down to and misguided by teachers.

Told he wouldn’t amount to nothing from them, to then go on and set up the biggest running club in Dublin a few short years later.

This was an incredibly inspiring conversation to be a part of, I was genuinely in awe on many occasions.

The club started out during the lockdown and gave many Dubliners a sense of belonging and community.

Dwayne also shared some really powerful stories of transformation from some of its members.

The most prominent was Cobey who needs to walk aided by a walker, not to be deterred.

The community supports each other and takes him through the marathons in a wheelchair, and he absolutely loves it.

They all do, including his father who gets to run the races with him.

Dwayne also brought us through what the future has in store for the club and their future ambitions not too far into the future.

This conversation made me feel very happy and proud for all involved, there’s some HUGE goals in the pipeline for this club & it’s members.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as me. 

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