What I offer you

I am a leader who trained in a multitude of disciplines to grow my sense of
emotionality, masculinity, leadership + business.

1:1 Coaching

Having left the construction industry after 19 years Darragh has studied personal development for the past 4 years. He noticed the most common traits holding men back. He has now created 1:1 coaching programs to help men move through fears, limiting beliefs, release childhood trauma and to understand the importance of their values.

Group Coaching

Darragh works great with a group dynamic. Teaching and coaching from action based foundations. Using Experiential work that goes beyond your mind and moves into what is going on in your body. What you can hide with your mind speaks out of your body. There is no place to hide in here. We tap into your truth and heal your wounds from the inside out.

Teaching Modalities

Darragh completed a multitude of training and certifications to grow his sense of emotional intelligence, masculinity, leadership & business.

  • Psychology
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Childhood Wounds
  • Sub-Conscious Reprogramming
  • Noise/Primal Therapy
  • Breath work
  • Neuro Linguistics Programming
  • Spiritual Wisdom
  • Experiential Learning
  • Embody Leadership
  • Conflict Management

Become the conscious King
you were born to be.

– Darragh Byrne

5 Steps to Becoming a Conscious King


Here we go deep into childhood trauma, uncover and remove those unconscious triggers that have been controlling your life. In this process we get to remove any blockages that are there too. Creating more flow in your life.


Resetting your honor code which is your value system. All choices are made from your code. Direction, Purpose and Boundaries. The RE-SET is one of the most important steps in the program. Reset to a clean slate. Then consciously choose the programs you wish to design your life with. This is done by uncovering WHO YOU REALLY ARE, Without the job title, bank figure and beyond the identity that’s been created out in society.


From here you recondition who you truly are underneath all the programming, the BS limiting beliefs, the old conditions that have been passed down and limiting titles that society has placed upon you. Here we flex the awareness muscle around language, intention and becoming vigilant of everything you consume and place into the world.


You get to consciously design the life you desire. Not from a reactive place but from an empowered place of choice. You have become a leader in all areas of your life. Especially relationships and unblocking your purpose on this planet. This is where you get to Embody what it means to be a Conscious King.


Here you start living the life you truly desire. Walking the planet as a Conscious King. You now have the awareness and tools to live life on your terms and consciously navigate anything life throws at you. Ensuring you live a purpose filled life. A life of your choice.
Take responsibility for the Magic you are putting out into the world, as you are the magnet for that which will return

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