My Story

My name is Darragh Byrne.

I am a thought provoking teacher, who after 19 years in the construction industry as a plumber knew deep down that I had a purpose bigger than myself in this world.

I could list a bunch of things that make me look ‘important and successful’, but what I really want you to know about me is I truly care about people, our planet, and about maximizing my potential. I am committed to knowing I have created a better world for the children of the future because I gave it ALL I have and more, as I live from LOVE.

So whether I am speaking, facilitating workshops, or making conscious content through social media. It is all in service to elevating consciousness on this planet by guiding people to live from their heart.

It is the answer to everything and it is obvious that some of you miss it. So I am here as a messenger to remind us all that when we live from love we are at our most POWERFUL in ALL areas of our LIVES.

Darragh Byrne

My Life in Snapshots

I have always had aspirations to make others feel good. At a very young age I discovered the power of a smile and the intentional act of kindness that lies behind it. Since childhood it has been in my DNA to share that power and kindness with the world.

Family is everything

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