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I support Men overcome trauma to be HAPPY, CONFIDENT & live on PURPOSE.

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Hey I’m Darragh Byrne!

I am a street kid that has found his way to spirituality and now lives from LOVE.
I can now see I have been sent here for a purpose far greater than myself. To help show people that we operate most powerfully when we live from love. I could list a bunch of things that make me look ‘important and successful’, but what I really want you to know about me is I truly care about people, our planet, and about maximizing my potential. I am committed to knowing I have created a better world for our children, the children of the future because I gave it ALL I have and more, as I live from LOVE. So whether I am speaking, facilitating workshops, or making conscious content through social media. It is all in service to elevating consciousness and this planet by guiding people to live from their heart.

My Mission

My mission is to empower, inspire and elevate collective consciousness through LOVE. Creating a multi-generational movement of conscious content. International acts of LOVE. And BEING the best Father, Husband and Transformational guide I can be. I believe it’s a time of great awakening and we are here to create a better world for our children and I am committed to inspiring others to join me on that mission and live their best lives NOW. You don’t want to die with the dance still in YOU.

True teaching is not the accumulation of knowledge, it’s the evolution of consciousness.

– Alexi Panos

What I offer you

I am a leader who skilled in a multitude of disciplines to grow my sense of
emotionality, masculinity, leadership + business.

1:1 Coaching

Darragh has been immersed in his own personal development and deep healing journey while studying these past 5 years. He noticed the most common traits holding men back. He has now created 1:1 programs to support men through their greatest transformations. Taking on their fears, limiting beliefs, releasing childhood trauma and to understand the importance of their core values.

Group Coaching

Darragh works great with a group dynamic. Teaching and coaching from action based foundations. Using Experiential work that goes beyond your mind and moves into what is going on in your body. What you can hide with your mind speaks out of your body. There is no place to hide in here. We tap into your truth and heal your wounds from the inside out.

Become the conscious King
you were born to be.

– Darragh Byrne

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