Join us as we chat with Alexandra O’Hallaran, a young and wise Yoga and dance teacher from Ballyfermot, Dublin.

Discover her inspiring journey from a working-class background to bringing the healing power of yoga to kids in her dance classes.

This epidode is packed with wisdom and inspiration that you won’t want to miss!   


Episode Summary

In todays’s episode I speak with Alexandra O’Hallaran.

A yoga and dance teacher from Ballyfermot, Dublin.

It was amazing to speak to such a young and wise woman from one of working class area of Dublin.

We covered her life story and what it was like going to school and growing up in Ballyformot. What life has been like as a kids dance teacher and how she signed up for Yoga Teaching Training for the physical side of the Ancient Eastern healing modality so she could teach it to the kids who attend her dance classes.

Only to be blown away by the depth of wisdom and how far this healing modality dates back, she speaks about the depths of wisdom she learned about herself and what it was like to come to an understanding of why her emotions get triggered in different situations.

What it’s like to sit with these emotions for the first time instead trying to distract herself with phones, magazines or anything else.

Alex also told us what her plan’s are to bring Yoga into all the children’s school in Ballyformot and beyond.

This is an incredibly inspiring story, and great to hear of a local break the mould of what’s considered “normal life” in working class area’s of Dublin.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. 

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