In this episode,
I have the privilege of speaking with one of my current clients, Barry Carey.

Barry shares his inspiring journey of overcoming childhood trauma, mental health struggles, and physical injuries.

Despite facing significant challenges,
Barry became a marathon runner and is now committed to helping others who are dealing with similar issues.

Our conversation is powerful, insightful, and offers practical tips and wisdom for anyone facing mental health challenges.

Listen in to learn from Barry’s story of resilience and hope 🔥


Episode Summary

In today’s episode and a first of it’s kind I speak to a current client of mine who is an absolute legend and a massive inspiration to me.

Barry tell’s us what it was like to lose his father so young and growing up in life without a male role model.

The impact childhood bullying has had on him in his adult life and where his mind was at when he attempted suicide.

He goes on to cover his full recovery story from being told he wouldn’t walk or hike again to going on to win and smash a few personal bests in marathons across Australia.

Now his plans to help people suffering with their mental health in the future.

This was powerful and an incredibly inspiring conversation.

There was lots of wisdom and tips for those struggling with Mental Health at the end, from Barry “the black dog” Carey.

Enjoy 🤗

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